super technical guitar work,mixed with machine gun drumming and very Faith no more inspired basslines. The only thing that REv has going against them is the hype machine that many of the heavy metal journalists have started. While I think it’s a little much to say that Revocation is the next big heavy metal act, I think it’s very clear that they’re young and have a lot of talent

Genghis Tron

While not the first band to mix keyboards, drum machine and 8 bit sounds with heavy guitars and hardcore screaming,  Poughkeepsie, New York’s Genghis Tron may be the best. Their 2008 relapse records debut, ‘Board Up The House’ is a strange concept album and a tribute to zombies. It is with out a doubt their finest work. ‘Board Up The House’ is a record with bi-polar disorder. One minute you have an electronic ambient moment and the next, furiously feverish guitar sounds of grindcore

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