So in my strolling of the hallowed halls of the information highway this morning, I stumbled across a article on the  Huffington post. The title of this piece was ” Howard Stern : Gabourey Sidibe is Enormous will never work again”(here’s the link ). Of course the forward thinking, progressive think tank that is “The Huff  ” Demonize Stern for his comments because clearly Stern is a monster and Sidibe is the picture of what every young girl should aspire to be……

fatty fat
when your arm fat creates a new elbow maybe it's time to eat a salad

Articles like these make me angry. As angry as Miss Sidibe gets when the people at the Olive Garden tell her that the “endless” bread sticks are merely a clever marketing ploy.

First of all, the article takes the easy way out. It takes a polarizing public figure and lambastes him for basically calling a fat girl fat. It’s barely a story, but lets look at the facts. Howard said that due to Miss Sidibe incredible size this “bright up and coming” actress’s career doesn’t look very bright. Is it a nice thing to say ? No. However it is the truth. How often do you see any actor on the big screen the size of panzer tank? The fattest guy in Hollywood that I can think of is someone like Philip Seymour Hoffman, but at best that guy is pudgy not morbidly obese. But for some reason Howard pointing this out makes him a monster.

The media as a whole are such a huge collected group of vaginas it’s not even funny. Stories like this prove that they don’t live on the same plane of existence as the rest of humans. I can hear it now “Today are top story from fucking Candyland! Gabourey Sidible wins an oscar for her staring role in the new age adaptation of “Some like it Hot!” entitled “Some like it Deep Fried and Covered in Gravy” (it’s a Marilyn Monroe movie ..go read a book).

Will the media still be this proud of miss Sidibe when she has a coronary? Speaking of the eventual death of miss Sidibe, when she does die of a heart attack, or choking on a spring roll, or however she takes the midnight night train to slab city  the story that next day will be about how the wave of  obesity is the plague of the nation. They’ll bash Mcdonalds and they’ll bash Burger King because they’re the death dealers. Yet they will never point their steely left hand finger back at the fat people.

the Holocaust "I'm lovin' it "

This brings me to my final point, instead of people like the Huffington post taking the easy way out and writing a fluff piece to incite people that already hate Stern, why not you know do some REPORTING ? Obesity is a serious problem in this country and it’s getting worse. The new wave Oprah inspired “I’m happy to be fat , it’s my body” bullshit isn’t helping being the size of a chocolate death star isn’t an argument of self esteem or body image though often times that’s what it’s turn into because again that’s the easy way out. No, this a health issue. Obese people have a serious problem that will cause them to die much earlier then their slender counterparts. Now of course that’s their business and if they wanna die, that’s fine. The line is drawn when these addictions (and yes eating is a fucking addiction) is glossed over and celebrated. Let me put it another way if Robert Downey Jr said after the Oscars “Man I can’t wait to score me some coke!” there would be a huge uproar but why? Sidibe said after the Oscars that she was “going to tear up some chick-fila” and that’s perfectly fine. (Chick-Fila stock went up 7% after this declaration) Why is that? One addiction is horrible one isn’t . OK my  example is a little extreme but I’m trying to illustrate a point: People can’t handle being blamed for anything so you can’t attack food but everyone knows drugs are bad. The Huffington post and their contemporaries want to live in a fantasy world and act holier then thou. Howard’s only crime was to talk about things in the real world. I guess no one wants to live in the real world, so pass me some bacon, bury your head in a bowl of chocolate pudding and igonre all the problems in this world


Pondering the logistics of a truly "endless" buffet.


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