Welcome to Razerball’s Tech Corner. Here, we will be exploring the far reaches the internet galaxy, the likes of which you’ve never known and will probably never care to know. For that, I’d apologize but, well, I don’t give a shit.

Now then, let’s get started. Apparently I’m incapable of finishing an article containing more than one topic at a time so in the interest of brevity let me shoot my single hot wad of technological wisdom all over your face/screen

imagine it's not a milkshake and that asphalt is your face

Milkshakes. We all love them. If you don’t then you can get the fuck out. Seriously. Right now. Leave and never come back. communist.

Ok, onward. I like Milkshakes. More specifically, I like milkshakes that Daniel Day Lewis screams about right before he bludgeons an evangelistic religious leader to death with a bowling ball.

What’s great about the above embedded video is that it’s legal and free. That’s right internets users… legal AND free. Those are two words you don’t normally see hanging out together in conference with Hollywood born usage licenses. In the past, video clips like this were typically uploaded to youtube and remained there for a short time until some money grubbing litigious dick bitched about the clips enough to have them removed. While the videos at movieclips.com are not user uploaded, this is still a step in the right direction. As of this writing there are over 12,000 scenes available including scenes from movies still in theaters. If there’s a memorable quote from a movie that you’d like to share, chances are you can find it and if not, it’s worth checking later because the collection is constantly growing. For the code monkeys out there, movieclips.com allows you to apply for API access. While I’d like to see the API open to everyone, I understand that the project is still in Beta. API access seems to allow developers access to the vast amount of metadata within the movieclips database. Cool.

Go check out movieclips.com and enjoy your milkshake then come back to moleholeradio.com for more tech sex unless of course you didn’t like your milkshake. If you didn’t like your milkshake then fuck you.

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