That’s right, the First Annual Topo vs Vinny Taco Bell Challenge will be going down at the start of the show tomorrow in order to raise awareness of hunger in America!

Here are the rules:

The following items will be provided for each competitor:

1x Double Decker Taco
1x Mexi Melt
1x Gordita, Baja
1x Chalupa, Baja
1x 1/2 lb cheesy Potato Burrito

Sauces will be provided and competitors may bring whatever beverage they would like.

There will be a “Draft” before hand.

I will place all 10 items on the table (wrapped of course) and the competitors shall take turns picking food stuffs until one of each item has been selected per competitor.

Flip of a coin will determine first pick, however whoever gets second pick gets the last 2 picks.

For example lets say Vinny wins the toss, selection would go this way:
Vinny Pick
TJ pick
Vinny Pick
TJ pick
TJ pick

First person to have 5 pieces of CLEAN taco bell paper in front of them and says “Suffering succotash” 3 times (as this would be impossible with food in your mouth and would spray TBell everywhere) wins!

Wins’s what? Pride. Thats what. The real winner is the audience, cuz this should prove entertaining!

In the event someone doesn’t finish, they will be referred to by a women’s name for the rest of the show.

TJ will be Evelyn, Vinny will be Kathy.

Tune in!


I'm fucked.

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