should have been called the forgettables….oooooooooooooooooooo

but I digress
I watched the movie yesterday,I was expecting a fun mindless throwback 80’s action movie.What I discovered is maybe I don’t like mindless 80’s action movies anymore.
Here’s the plot Rocky heads a team of black ops mercenaries who kill things,they get hired by John McClane to take down some general and his drug cartel that’s organized by the guy from Best of the Best and Stone cold Steve Austin. Rocky and Transporter go run some recon on this cartel and Rocky falls in love with some hot ass Spanish girl. They barley make it out alive,they decided that the job is to much for them and they’re not going to do it. Well Rocky has a boner for the Spanish girl so he figures he’s going to go back on his own.  Jet Li complains about being short and Ivan Drago almost kills him then the black op teams gets together to rescue the hot Spanish girl,kill people and blow things up. They do that.then ride Motorcycles.
Role credits.

Here’s the thing about this movie,it’s just sorta boring.  I know that a movie like this is all action and your supposed to turn off your brain,but even a mindless movie like Predator or commando had interesting characters to keep your attention. This movie didn’t, all the Characters were just sorta there. The action sequences themselves were largely forgettable with a few minor cool moments.  Overall I’m just really happy I didn’t spend $10.50 on this movie


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