Haters be damned! The New Iwrestledabearonce album is their best work yet. Just from a production standpoint alone it’s blows away all their previous recordings and no, they didn’t go the Dillinger escape plan route where better production gives way to a far more commercial sound.  “you know those ain’t those dogs real voices”  is I guess the closest thing to a “radio single” and I doubt that’s gonna be a top 40 hit . The clean vocals are delivered with more power are better presented in the mix and the guitar work is top notch.  At times on the record it almost sounds like Buckethead started jamming with Dillinger escape plan. There is a heavy presence of Synth lines in the sound as well  (both precussionary and leads ). Overall, this is an album of a band honing in on their strengths and forging ahead.; A very polarizing band to say the least. I don’t know if this new album is gonna endure them to a new audience but it will definitely solidify their place with thier hardcore fans.  In closing, “ruining it for everyone” is Math-metal experimental chaos done right. If Bjork and Mike Patton had a kid and they locked that kid in a room for 20 years where he could only listen to calculating the infinity and that kid started a band,  his debut album would sound just like this.

A few choice nuggs:


PS. if Krysta Cameron is reading this ,we should date I’m a nice guy. I think you’d like me



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