Episode 2011-11-29: Slamber by MoleHoleRadio

This week’s Topics include:
  • Hello to all of the non-english speaking G+ hangout users.
  • Vinny’s Skyrim weakness
  • Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim!!1one!!
  • Twitter kansas Scandal
  • SLamber: Slander + WWF Wrestling
  • Mobile App Merchandise: What?
  • Skyrim FPS
  • MTV’s Ridiculousness = stupid.
  • Topo hates Skyrim, only has one toon. No Alts. What a douche.
  • Initialisms!
  • McChicken “Bites”
  • Tumblr and why Topo likes it
  • Goggs’ and Topo’s trivia team …
  • Goggs’ scale of drunkeness relative to his musical appreciation.
  • Girl with the cement ass:
    • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2063538/Fake-doctor-Oneal-Ron-Morris-boosted-womans-home-implant.html#ixzz1eM42uMGw
  • Topo’s all natural plasitc surgery.
  • 80’s cartoon shows and toys.

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