Welcome to WRETROMANIA; a retrospective pro wrestling podcast; where we romanticize and fantasize with our sports entertainment fandom. Hosted by Coby Nida and Jimmy Price. Each episode we look back at the famous or infamous storylines, matches, events, and feuds of the past in pro wrestling history.
This is a BONUS EPISODE; featuring our special guest Evan Kronenberg — this episode we take a retrospective look back at two matches between Bret Hart and Randy Savage!
Evan’s pick was the wonderful match from nearly 30 yeas ago on Saturday Night’s Main Event 11/23/1987 – Bret The Hitman Hart vs Macho Man Randy Savage
We also covered a match from 05/07/1994 in Yokohama, Japan – Bret Hart vs Randy Savage
we did the last bit live – watch it with us @ the 13:30 mark –
Join us for every bi-weekly episode as we cover the events that are the “The Origin of Attitude”
up coming Episode 9 will cover the Sept 15 1997 – Sept 22 1997 timeline of WWF
for inquiries, comments, or corrections — write to us @ WretroManiaPodcast@gmail.com


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