Episode 2011-12-08: The Molies! (Crotch Bunch) by MoleHoleRadio
MoleHole Radio does the annual Moly – Year In Review. 

  • Best/Worst film
  • Best/Worst TV Show
  • Best/Worst Video Game
  • Best/Worst  Music Album
  • Best/Worst Pornstar
  • DickBag of the Year
  • WildCard Category!
  • Goggs loses his F%^&ing MIND
    • 3D movies suck
    • Goggs hates franken-cars with flame stickers. a LOT.
    • Goggs hates Ghandi … yup.
  • “Don’t do what Johnny Doesn’t does.”
  • Hates on Gmail redesign
  • Beer Can Turkey!
  • Goggs’ Crotch Bunch = 2 tennis balls and a division sign.
  • Are you peeing correctly? We solve that mystery for you. You’re welcome.
  • Listener Questions!
    • JEWS – Guitar Smashly
    • What would be the most intimidating shape you can shave into your pubes? – Guitar Smashly
    • Underrated games of 2011 – GLX
    • Last porn film that rubbed you the wrong way – GLX
    • A topical, intelligent discussion of Epic Meal Time youtube videos. – Keb

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