Episode 2011-12-15: The Theater Enhancer by MoleHoleRadio

  • MoleHole exchanges Xmas weapons¬†gifts
  • NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)
  • Competitive Online Multiplayer – Goggs is no longer Merc-in D00ds
  • Porno viruses. Don’t touch Goggs computer. You’ll catch the bad.
  • Fuck airports and flying. You’re all sheep. SHEEEEPPP!!!
  • Retail stores during the christmas season: FFUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH
  • Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater $5 download – Go buy it.
  • New MoleHole product: Goggs-Theater “Enhancer”
  • Beats Headphones. If you bought these, you’re a dummy.
  • Hop on to chatroulette to masturbate with Topo
  • Online bullying PSAs… really?
  • Listener Questions:
    • whats the worst part of having a baby girl?” – GuitarSmashley
    • What are some of the weirdest NES games you’ve ever played?” – GLX
    • Why is incest illegal?” – TAP
    • have you ever seen anything in a porno movie that was so funny you lost your hard on? ” – prozac

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